Fun Minecraft Challenges For Your Kids

One of the reasons kids love Minecraft so much is the open sandbox nature of the game. They can spend their time building the ultimate home for their character, battling spiders and zombies, exploring the world, or dozens of other things. Despite this, I have found kids also enjoy when we as parents add a little structure to their Minecraft time.

When my kids first started playing Minecraft, I would challenge them build and engineer certain things like bridges, cities, circuits (using redstone), and more. They loved trying to complete the challenges and showing me their work when they finished. Not to mention it was great for their creative and problem solving skills.

I took what my did with my own kids and expanded it to my work with students at the school I worked at as a 5th grade teacher. One of the programs I created with another teacher was called Adventures in Minecraft that included 15 unique challenges for students to complete in Minecraft. These challenges required students to use their creative and problem solving skills to create transportation systems, farms, cities, amusement parks and more.

Below you will find a download that includes all the challenges we used with students. I hope you will find them useful and your kids will enjoy completing some of the challenges with you and their friends.

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About the author: Shawn D. Walk is the owner of Code2Discover, a business dedicated to helping students discover their ability to create and shape the world around them through coding. He has been teaching technology, coding, and 21st century skills for nearly 15 years. He is a certified elementary teacher in PA and has a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. He is also a previous owner of an educational technology company that pioneered using Minecraft as an educational tool in the Pittsburgh region. His goal is to help kids learn the skills they need in today’s world, but also help them believe they can be the creators of new technology instead of simply consuming it.

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