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Video Game Design (Ages 7-10) – Flex Class


  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Be able to use a mouse and keyboard.
  • Kodu Game Lab Program– Free Download– Only works on a Windows based PC.


How would you like to help your child (Ages 7-10) create their own original video game? This course helps kids learn to make games via a simple visual programming language. This program is a great entry into design and programming skills. Students will follow a kid-friendly process similar to real video game designers who create the games they play at home!

  • Students learn programming logic to code characters’ behaviors and reactions to events in their games. All programming in Kodu is WHEN/DO (similar to IF/THEN statements).
  • Students learn to use the tools available in Kodu to create land, water, mountains, buildings, and more.
  • Students learn more advanced coding to give their characters power-ups. This involves creating parallel programming that changes the behavior of their characters based on a specific event.
  • Students complete game design planning prior to starting their final projects to create the best video game possible.

Important: Kodu currently only runs on Windows. Please test running Kodu prior to signing up for the class. Kodu is a free download. Simply Google “Kodu.” This course is designed for parents that want to introduce their kids (Ages 7-10) to coding and video game design.