Game Design With Roblox (Beginner)– Ages 9-13

Beginner Roblox Class– This is a beginner Roblox/Coding class for students ages 9-13. This class would be good for students that want to start learning how to make Roblox games, but don’t have any experience using Roblox Studio or coding in Roblox. This class might be too easy for students who have a lot of previous experience making Roblox games.

Students in this class learn how to use Roblox Studio and a program called Code Kingdoms ( to create games they can publish on the Roblox platform. Code Kingdoms uses a special drag and drop code editor that makes the Lua coding language easier to learn.

–Students learn how to create methods (functions) to add events and behaviors to their games.
–Students learn how to use Roblox Studio to add buildings, objects, and characters to their games.
–Students learn how to use loops, logic statements (if/then), and variables in their projects to create more interesting games.
–Students learn how to publish their games to Roblox.
–Students learn about safety features that allow them to choose who to allow in their games.

Safety: In creating this course, it was important to me that students learned how to safely use the Roblox platform online. During the class, we will cover safety tips and how to change settings to play Roblox safely online. Additionally, parents can choose to have their child not publish their game on Roblox. A game can be created in Roblox studio (a separate program) and not published. Students can create and play their game without ever taking it online.

A Roblox account is required for this program. An account is free and can be setup at

Students also use a program called Code Kingdoms to help code their games. Students must purchase a Code Kingdoms ROBLOX account prior to the beginning of class. The cost of this program is currently $14.99 per month. –