Welcome to Video Game Design!

Welcome to Video Game Design! I’m glad you are here. In this course, you are going to learn how to make some amazing video games. I wanted to give you some tips for navigating the course before you get started.

Make sure you to watch the lesson videos!

Every lesson starts with a video. You must watch the entire video for the practice exercises to appear below the video. Most lessons have practice exercises.

You must mark lessons and practice exercises as complete to get your certificate at the end.

As you complete lessons and practice exercises, make sure you click the “Mark Complete” button (see below) at the end.

If you skip lessons/exercises or forget to mark them complete, your certificate won’t show up at the end of the course. If this happens, go back through the lesson and practice exercises to make sure you have marked everything as complete. There should be a checkmark next to each lesson and exercise in the course navigation.

The best way to complete lessons and practice exercises is to watch the video for the lesson and then complete the practice exercises. Mark each practice exercise as complete as you work, and then it will bring you back to the lesson video to mark the entire lesson as complete.

Sample Users

If you are currently sampling the course, you won’t be able to mark items as complete until you sign up for the entire course.

Click “Mark Complete” below to get started. Good luck!