Mobile Game Design (Beginner Coding For Ages 11-14)

Mobile Game Design (Beginner Coding For Ages 11-14): This class is designed for students Ages 11-14 who want to learn basic coding terminology and techniques while creating their own video game.

Students in this class learn to use a special program called GameSalad that allows them to design a game environment, choose characters, and code to create a complete video game.

  • Students use a program called GameSalad, which is a powerful program that amateur and professional game developers use to create video games.
  • Students learn several programming terms, such as condition, behavior, logic (IF/THEN statements).
  • Students learn to program attributes, which act as storage for programming that can be called from later in the programming, such as character position.
  • Students learn how to add touch controls to their video games.
  • Students add cool effects to their games such as animations, custom artwork, and power ups for their characters.

This class requires a separate subscription to the Gamesalad program ( YOU ONLY NEED THE BASIC VERSION. You can try the program for 5 days and then must pay a monthly fee. You can cancel after the class if you don’t want to continue the subscription.