Modding With Javascript (Part 2 in Creating Minecraft Mods) — Ages 9-14

Part 2 in Creating Minecraft Mods Path– Students should have taken Modding With Minecraft (Beginner Modding) before taking this class. Students in this class are ready to learn a text-based language that requires attention to detail.

This class is taught entirely in the Javascript coding language allowing for the creation of more advanced mods. Students learn how to create the items they learned about in previous levels using a text-based language.

Students in this class take the next step in coding by learning how to use Javascript to build more advanced Minecraft mods. They learn the basic syntax of Javascript and how to create variables, loops, logic statements, and more.

  • Students learn to appreciate the power of a text-based language to build on what they have learned using visual-based languages at previous levels.
  • Students use Javascript to create variables and utilize them in their code to create more advanced Minecraft mods.
  • Students utilize logic statements (IF/THEN) and loops in their coding.
    Students leave class with Mods they can publish on the Learn to Mod website.

A Minecraft (PC/MAC Version) is required for this program. Minecraft –

Students use a program called Learn to Mod to help them create their mods. Students must purchase a Learn to Mod account prior to the beginning of class. The cost of this program is currently $29.99 for a year subscription. –

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