Modding With Minecraft (Level 2 Coding)– Ages 9-13

This class builds on terminology and techniques learned in my beginner coding classes. The class also begins the transition to the Javascript coding language. Students can still take this class even if they haven’t completed a beginner class if they have some previous coding experience.

Students in this class learn to use coding to make fundamental changes to what is possible in Minecraft. They give new powers to players and even learn how to change the entire look of the game. Students are also introduced to Javascript programming.

  • Students learn how to use a drag and drop programming language called Blockly. Blockly converts their code into Javascript and is a great way to set students up for more advanced programming.
  • Throughout the class, students analyze how Blockly and Javascript compare. In one lesson, students are shown how they can edit the actual Javascript to create more advanced programming.
  • To create amazing Mods, students are shown how to use programming loops, logic (IF/THEN), functions, and more!
    Students are even challenged to program Minecraft drones to encourage spatial reasoning.

A Minecraft (PC/MAC Version) account is required for this program. Minecraft –

Students use a program called Learn to Mod to help them create their mods. Students must purchase a Learn to Mod account prior to the beginning of class. The cost of this program is currently $29.99 for a year subscription. –