Video Game Design (Beginner Coding Part 1)- Ages 7-10

This the beginner coding class I offer for ages 7-10. This class introduces students to basic coding vocabulary and techniques. Students don’t need to have any previous coding experience.

How would you like to create your own original video game for you and all your friends to play? Kids will learn to make games via a simple visual programming language. This program is a great entry into design and programming skills. Students will follow a kid-friendly process similar to real video game designers who create the games they play at home!

  • Students learn programming logic to code characters’ behaviors and reactions to events in their games. All programming in Kodu is WHEN/DO (similar to IF/THEN statements).
  • Students learn to use the tools available in Kodu to create land, water, mountains, buildings, and more.
  • Students learn more advanced coding to give their characters power-ups. This involves creating parallel programming that changes the behavior of their characters based on a specific event.
  • Students complete game design planning prior to starting their final projects to create the best video game possible.

Important: Kodu currently only runs on Windows. It is possible to run Kodu on a Mac with programs that simulate the Windows environment, but setting this up can be complicated. Please test running Kodu prior to signing up for the class. Kodu is a free download at