Video Game Design II (Beginner Coding Part 2)- Ages 7-10

This is part 2 of the beginner coding class I offer for Ages 7-10. This class continues introducing students to basic coding vocabulary and techniques. Students should take part 1 of this class first as it builds on what students learned in the previous beginners class and it assumes they have a working knowledge of the Kodu program.

If you loved creating games with the Kodu program in my video game design class, continue the fun in part 2 of the course. This class is part 2 of my popular video game design class for beginner coders. Learn more advanced coding techniques and about coding blocks not used in the first course.

  • Students learn to use more advanced coding logic by utilizing PAGES available in the Kodu program
  • Students learn new character movement techniques.
  • Students learn new ways to end/advance levels in their games.
  • Students learn to use sub-routines in their coding.
  • Students learn how to utilize new coding blocks not used in the first course.
  • Overall, students learn to create more complex and interesting games.

Important: Kodu currently only runs on Windows. It is possible to run Kodu on a Mac with programs that simulate the Windows environment, but setting this up can be complicated. Please test running Kodu prior to signing up for the class. Kodu is a free download at