Video Game Design III (Part 3)- Ages 7-10

Part 3 of Video Game Design (Ages 7-10)– This is part 3 of the video game design classes I offer for Ages 7-10. This class introduces students to more advanced concepts in the Kodu program. Students should take part 1 and 2 of this class first as it builds on what students learn in the previous classes.

Continue learning how to create more advanced games with the Kodu program. This class is part 3 of my popular video game design class for young coders (Ages 7-10). Learn how to create games that involve trading, a monetary system, and more.

  • Students learn to use boolean (true/false) variables to turn elements on and off in their games.
  • Students learn how to use more complex nesting in their coding to add multiple layers of logic (if/do).
  • Students learn how to set up trading between players and NPCs (Non-Playable Characters)..
  • Students learn how to add a monetary system to their games where they can purchase items and special abilities..
  • Students learn how to create games that involve the player having to solve a puzzle or answer a question correctly to proceed.

Important: Kodu currently only runs on Windows. Please test running Kodu prior to signing up for the class. Kodu is a free download at This program does not require an account signup to use.

Week by Week Topics

Week 1
Class Introduction and Overview
Using Boolean Variables
–Creating Boolean Variables in Kodu.
Turning elements on and off using boolean variables.

Week 2
Trading Items With NPCs
–Setting up trading in a game.
–Coding the trading of items.
–Gaining new powers from trades.

Week 3
Monetary Systems
– Labeling and gaining currency.
– Purchasing Items

Week 4
Monetary Systems: Part 2
–Giving abilities to items you purchase.

Week 5
Puzzle Games
–Creating games where you have to solve a puzzle or answer questions to progress.
–Using logic (if/do) to create.

Week 6
–Final Game Planning
–Creating Your FInal Game
–Publishing Your Game

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